Solicitude constituting the care of obstetric nurses for women-giving-birth-at-the-birth-house

Marcele Zveiter Ivis Emília de Oliveira Souza About the authors


This article aims to analyze the constitution of the obstetric nurses' care for women giving birth at the Birth House.


The guiding thread of hermeneutics rests on the vague and median understanding of the obstetric nurses. Heidegger's phenomenology was the theoretical-philosophical-methodological framework. As a contribution of and to obstetric nurses, the hermeneutics of consideration and patience is presented, based on the concept of care inherent to the nurses' existential movement. Participating in the discussion on the right of the nurses in delivery care and quality of care, the Birth House David Capistrano Filho is appointed as a space of care different from the hospital model.


As a result, the obstetric nurses' care for women giving birth at the Birth House unveils itself as a construction based on sharing.


Involved by this care, the nurse and the woman are in an existential movement that favors authentic care.

Philosophy; Nursing Care; Obstetric Nursing

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