String literature as a mean to promote breastfeeding

Paula Marciana Pinheiro Oliveira Cristiana Brasil de Almeida Rebouças Lorita Marlena Freitag Pagliuca About the authors

Printed popular poetry, also called string literature, is considered by people in the Northeast of Brazil as an important cultural expression. Booklets on breastfeeding are pertinent to the extent that they can contribute to the population’s education on this matter. This study aimed to: analyze the messages transmitted and the language adopted in booklets on breastfeeding. A documentary, descriptive, exploratory and analytic study was carried out through the systematic search of string booklets available to the public in Fortaleza CE. Thirty-four booklets were collected. Twenty of these addressed health themes and one pictured breastfeeding. The analysis of this string revealed that breastfeeding is necessary for mothers and babies, entailing mutual benefits. Therefore, this printed resource should be considered as significant health education material which professionals can use with breastfeeding mothers.

Literature; Health promotion; Breast Feeding

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