Reality experienced and educational activities with prostitutes: basis for the nursing practice

Ana Débora Assis Moura Ana Karina Bezerra Pinheiro Maria Grasiela Teixeira Barroso About the authors

The prostitutes are related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), because the sex is part of their daily, as a profession. This study aims to describe the living and health conditions of prostitutes and analyze the educational work carried out by the Association of Prostitutes of Ceara (APROCE) about the prevention of STDs and AIDS. A descriptive type, with a qualitative approach, the data collection was realized from November 2006 up to January 2007, following the social educators of APROCE in some areas of prostitution in Fortaleza. It was observed that the prostitutes living in precarious socioeconomic conditions, with a lack of adequate health care and although they have reported that they use condoms in all sexual relations, the reality is different. Therefore, the strategies for Health Education used by APROCE stimulates, somehow, the behavior's change, it passes information on STD / AIDS and often delivers the condoms to prostitutes.

Prostitution; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; Health Education; Primary Prevention

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