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The choice to give birth at home: life story of women who experienced it

Qualitative study. Followed the Life Story Method. The objective was to examine the factors that influenced the choice of home delivery assisted by obstetric nurses from the life story of women who experienced it. The subjects were six women that gave birth at home in a large urban center. It was carried out with the use of thematic analysis, emerging the category: The construction of a choice. All women interviewed made reference to the experiences of childbirth of their mothers. This demonstrated the influence on the construction of their choices. The group obtained information; had to face both the current technocratic model and their families; and found humanized customer service in the delivery of the child in the warmth of home. The study concludes that that the link between obstetric nurse e and their client, as well as the respect of their choices, expectations and culture, providing self-confidence and security to these women. The informed choice should be guaranteed as a right. The satisfaction with this experience was unanimous.

Childbirth at Home; Obstetrical Nursing; Choice Behavior

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