Family planning and men's health from nurses' perspective

Sidneia Tessmer Casarin Hedi Crecencia Heckler de Siqueira About the authors


This study aims to know nurses' views on men's use of family planning services in the regional health of municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


It is a qualitative study, carried out from July 2009 to October 2009 through semi-structured interviews with 22 nurses.


The results produced the following categories: 'Men and the limiting factors to their access to family planning services', and 'Men and their reasons for accessing family planning services'. The results showed that men seek those services looking for condoms or diagnosis of pathologies, sexual-related or not.


The idea of men as being invulnerable or of family planning as being women's responsibility might be associated with men's disengagement from the services, but barriers to healthcare access and the unavailability of some services might be the greatest hindrance.

Nursing; Men's Health; Public Health; Family Planning

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