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Proposals for improving working conditions at an outpatient clinic: the nursing standpoint

Shino Shoji Norma Valéria Dantas de Oliveira Souza Sheila Nascimento Pereira Farias Manoel Luís Cardoso Vieira Jane Marcia Progianti About the authors



To identify nursing staff's perceptions of working conditions and to propose measures to minimise related adverse impacts on their health and disease processes.


A qualitative, descriptive study of 40 nurses working at an outpatient clinic in Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil, through semi-structured interviews interpreted in the light of content analysis.


Participants prepared suggestions focussed on modernising physical infrastructure, replacing workstation furniture and dividing job activities equitably.


There is considerable need to set up a Workers Health Centre, through which to implement measures to counter occupational risks and promote workers' health and safety.

Practical implications:

This highlights the importance of preventing occupational hazards in nursing work in order to reduce work-related diseases.

Occupational health; Nursing; Working conditions

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