Influence of clinical variables on the functional capacity of women undergoing chemotherapy

Thaís Cristina Elias Lorena Campos Mendes Maurícia Brochado Oliveira Soares Vanderlei José Haas Sueli Riul da Silva About the authors



To evaluate how the chemotherapy protocol and tumor type influence the functional capacity of women diagnosed with gynecological cancer, breast cancer and gestational trophoblastic disease during chemotherapy.


This was an observational and retrospective study with a quantitative approach and longitudinal design. The study included 438 women undergoing chemotherapy in a general hospital from January 2000 to December 2012.


The functional capacity of the study population had a mean score of 70 on the Karnofsky Performance Scale. A higher decline was noted in the functional capabilities of patients with gynecological cancer, and in women who used taxane chemotherapy protocols.


It is germane to establish measures aimed at ensuring the prevention of side effects caused by chemotherapy, providing comprehensive and effective care for oncology patients.

Karnofsky Performance Status; Activities of Daily Living; Drug Therapy; Women's Health

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