The macrosocial issues of the drugs and the knowledge of the nursing students

Bárbara Rodrigues Carvalho Cordeiro Helen Balthazar de Lima Luana dos Santos Vasconcellos Lima Bruna Kelly de Jesus Lemos Tiago Ribeiro Lemos Gertrudes Teixeira Lopes About the authors

The associations which were made between Drugs phenomenon and macro socials and professionals issues around graduating students formation are the subject. Goals: describing the associations that were made between drugs phenomenon and also international, national and local politics and Health; and analyzing students’ perception about acting and interest by Drugs. A quantitative research presents partial results of sixteen Nursing Colleges from Rio de Janeiro; the sample is from 181 graduating students. Has been used a scale type questionnaire about this knowledge putting together three options (I agree, I’m not interested, I don’t agree). Those data were presented in table and analyzed with the programs: Epi-Info and Excel. The results demonstrated that, according to the majority of the students, the national and local politics and programs about Drugs phenomenon were faced during graduating and it is also an interesting issue at the nurses’ acts. However, there was a similar distribution around the alternatives which were proposed during the approach to international issues.

Nursing; Students,Nursing; Street Drugs; Alcoholic Beverages; Knowledge

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