The main channels of international technology transfer in different technological paradigms: implications to overcome underdevelopment

Tulio Chiarini Ana Lúcia Gonçalves da Silva About the authors


The main international technology transfer channels in different technological paradigms: implications for overcoming underdevelopment. Despite the recognition that overcoming technological backwardness occurs through the construction of domestic technological capabilities, the international transfer of technology has proved to be a relevant strategy at different moments in history and for different nations during their catching-up processes. With the technological evolution in each paradigm, several international technology transfer channels were relatively effective. Based on a historical analysis, we try to show that the main channels have changed over time to respond to technological changes. Therefore, a protagonist channel in one historical moment happens to play a supporting role in others, given that the dominant technology presents characteristics that require the transfer of specific channels.

International technology transfer; Technological paradigm; Technological catch-up; Underdevelopment

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