Solving Probabilistic Tasks in Geometrical Context by Primary School Students

Luis Armando Hernández Solís Carmen Batanero María Magdalena Gea Rocío Álvarez Arroyo About the authors


We present an exploratory study of solving probabilistic tasks proposed to a sample of 55 primary school 6th grade Costa Rican children on comparison of probabilities and the construction of the sample space, analysing their strategies and errors. Comparing the results with previous investigations, an improvement is observed in the item in which the comparison of favorable and possible cases can be applied, and where the comparison of areas is necessary; however, there were no differences in the item in which the order in which the favorable cases are located is introduced as a distractor. The sample space is generally correctly built in the cases of possible and equiprobable event, but not in those of impossible or certain events.

Comparison of Probability; Sample Space; Geometric Context; Primary Education

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