The school inclusion under the perspective of primary school' teachers

Dinora Tereza Zucchetti About the author

This article presents the results of an inter institutional research that dealt with the discourse of primary school teachers at Escola Básica, a school in the Sinos River Valley, in the suburbs of Porto Alegre, Brazil. Informants are academics of a University in the region, who, through interviews and/or questionnaires, expressed their representations on social inclusion, in particular, the subjects marked by differences. Instead of producing conclusive interpretations, the study aims to describe the teachers' discourses regarding differences and inclusion, treated as social phenomena visible in school. The analysis shares the idea that there is discomfort, on the part of teachers, regarding difference and diversity. This may account for the fact that the practice of teachers is target of multiple confrontations and claims. Some approaches to the curriculum of the University's Pedagogy Program are merely presented as examples.

Inclusive Education; Teachers; Diversity

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