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Maria Emília Caixeta de Castro Lima Corinta Maria Grisolia Geraldi João Wanderley Geraldi About the authors

In this article we discuss questions such as "What is meant by narrative inquiry?" and "What are the epistemological, theoretical and methodological references related to such researches and what are the implications concerning the products of generated knowledge?" With the intention of approaching and acknowledging their diversity in training and research in Education, we draw a map of narrative researches conducted in Brazil. Four categories have been identified: 1. narrative as construction of meaning of an event, 2. (auto) biographical narrative, 3. narrative of experiences planned for research, and 4. narrative of lived experiences. We explicit objects, methods, and implications in this research. In particular, we draw attention to the fourth type of narrative, which incorporates our experience as researchers and trainers. We have adopted Bakhtin's notions of subject and world; Larrossa's experience concept; and Benjamin's narrative and advice notions. We have signaled some analysis' categories and learned lessons from the research on the lived ones in the process of teacher training.

Narrative inquiry; Experience; Teacher training.

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