Livedoid vasculopathy: fast involution after anticoagulant and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Patricia Weinschenker Bollmann Andréa Kazumi Shimada Nilceo Schwery Michalany Ana Rita de Araújo Burgos Manhani Auro del Giglio About the authors

The livedoid vasculopathy is a rare condition characterized by the presence of recurrent painful ulcers in distal extremities of lower limbs. Histologically there is thickness of dermal vessels, occlusion of its light by fibrin thrombi associated with minimal inflammatory infiltrate. It might occur as an isolated condition or be associated with an underlying systemic disease, including coagulation and collagen disorders, or neoplasms. Because it is a rare disease there is no consensus for its treatment. We report a case of a 41-year-old man with painful ulcers in the lower extremities. We did not find any associated diseases. The lesions improved dramatically after treatment with anticoagulant and hyperbaric therapy. We concluded that anticoagulation associated with hyperbaric oxygenation may be benefit for the treatment of patients with livedoid vasculopathy. However, further studies should be done with a larger population to confirm our results.

Vasculitis; Lower extremity; Leg ulcer; Anticoagulants; Hyperbaric oxigenation; Case reports

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