Antiretroviral drug use by individuals living with HIV/AIDS and compliance with the Clinical Protocol and Therapy Guidelines

Lucas Eduardo Fedaracz Brojan Leticia Mara Marca Frederico Alves Dias Yanna Dantas Rattmann About the authors



To describe antiretroviral treatment regimens prescribed and their compliance with the Clinical Protocol and Therapy Guidelines of the Ministry of Health for the management of HIV infection.


Observational and descriptive study. Secondary data of the state of Paraná (Brazil) on drugs, treatment regimens, lines of treatment and number of individuals on treatment, from January to June 2018, were accessed at the Antiretroviral Agents Logistic Control System. Combinations of antiretroviral drugs (treatment regimens) were compared according to the current Clinical Protocol and Therapy Guidelines and non-compliances were classified and quantified.


In Paraná, 35,127 individuals with HIV were treated with 253 different treatment regimens. Of the prescribed regimens, 19.1% were first-line, 27.4% second-line and 48.5% third-line. Among non-compliances, the most prevalent were absence of association of protease inhibitors and ritonavir (42.8%), low efficacy triple therapy (36.9%), double therapy (26.1%), monotherapy (20.3%), and triple therapy of nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitors (17.1%).


Most individuals receiving HIV treatment in the state of Paraná are on treatment regimens established in the current Clinical Protocol and Therapy Guidelines, which contributes to successful therapy. However, associations not provided by the current Clinical Protocol and Therapy Guidelines were identified in the initial treatment lines, which could lead to ineffectiveness, virologic failure and viral resistance.

Anti-retroviral agents; Prescriptions; Guidelines; Combined modality therapy; Observational study; Clinical protocols

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