Conceptions and assessment practices in Rio de Janeiro municipal schools

Concepções e Práticas Avaliativas em Escolas Municipais do Rio de Janeiro

Concepciones y prácticas de evaluación en las escuelas municipales de Río de Janeiro

Andréa Baptista de Almeida Rodrigo Pereira da Rocha Rosistolato Diana Gomes da Silva Cerdeira About the authors


We analyzed the conceptions and assessment practices of elementary school teachers, aiming to investigate the uses of the results of the learning assessments in schools and the results of the Provas Bimestrais (Bimonthly Exams) – instruments of the Assessment System of the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Educational System – for planning and taking pedagogical decisions. We are based on the theories of formative assessment, which indicated assessment as a tool to improve learning and not just to measure it. We conducted interviews and participant observation in two schools, describing and analyzing contradictions between discourse and practices. The teachers’ conceptions approached formative assessment, focusing on defense of diversification of assessment instruments, yet they mainly conduct traditional exams and, frequently, they work in a similar way to the Provas Bimestrais (Bimonthly Exams). The results of both assessments were basically to give superficial feedback to the students and to calculate their grades, distancing the assessment practice from the theoretical conception of formative assessment.

Learning Assessment; External Assessment; Data Use

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