The Municipal System of education in analysis: advances and challenges

Sueli Menezes Pereira About the author


Seeking to verify the existence of Municipal System of Education, legally instituted in towns of Central Region of RS, this text uses a documental and theoretical-bibliographic search, having as reference the purchased data through the project of search “Municipal System of Education and Municipal Council of Education: reality and viabilities”, since 2014. Seek to contribute to the advance in relation to the goals and the engagements of PNE/2014/2024, identifying weaknesses and possibilities. For that, it treats of organization of Municipal System of Education that, in cooperation with the Municipal Council of Education and the school network, formalizes the Municipal System of Education. The results indicate that the existence of legislation that formalizes a Municipal System of Education is not a guarantee of its operationalization in practice.

Municipal System of Education; Municipal legislation; Challenges

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