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What do children know upon entry to pre-school in Rio de Janeiro?

O que as crianças sabem ao ingressarem na pré-escola na cidade do Rio de Janeiro?

¿Qué saben los niños al entrar para preescolar en Río de Janeiro?


The paper discusses the need for studies with longitudinal design and a baseline for construction of value added models to assess the impact of policies and school practices in pre-school and in the first years of primary school. The objective was to identify family factors or previous experience in a crèche that are correlated with the starting point in pre-school. The multivariate regression models suggest that a) age is a key factor to explain children’s cognitive development when they start compulsory education; b) educational level of parents/guardians is the most significant factor for family characteristics; c) the home learning environment indicator suggests a positive association with the cognitive test, even after control of socio-economic level and age variables.

Early childhood education; Longitudinal studies; Educational opportunities; Educational inequality/disadvantage

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