Educational evaluation in academic production seen through an analysis of social networks

Luiz Ney d’Escoffier Camila Cristina Gomes Ferreira de Oliveira Lívia da Fraga Lima Alvaro Chrispino About the authors


This work seeks to understand how the educational assessment has been portrayed in the Brazilian scientific productions. Through bibliometric and network analysis, we register, over 19 years, 49 journals, 174 articles, 440 authors, 290 keywords and 4.283 references. From these data, we realized that most debates are characterized by the focus on higher education, by the authorship affiliated to public institutions, as well as by weaving approaches more focused on the validation of tests than on the quality of education. The results conclude that USP stands out as the institution with the largest number of publications, that the journal “Ensaio: Avaliação e Políticas Públicas em Educação” concentrates the largest number of publications in the area of Education and that the author Wagner Andriola from UFC is the most referenced researcher. These and other results of the research indicate the need to intensify studies in the field of Education assessment in order to better understand our weaknesses and then propose to correct routes and redefine goals.

Educational Evaluation; Public Policies; Bibliometrics; Social Networks Analysis; Scientific Publications

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