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School self-evaluation: What? How? With whom? And then?


In Portugal, school self-evaluation is compulsory since the publication of Law no. 31/2002. In spite of this, there are still significant weaknesses in the development of these processes, related to feelings of lack of knowledge, resistance, and insecurity in the design and implementation of self-evaluation by schools and their professionals. These feelings may be justified by the fact that, despite the existence of normative guiding documents, it is not clear what is intended by such processes and what ways exist for their implementation. This article aims to systematize a set of possibilities that can support the development of more sustained and sustainable school self-evaluations. It is based on the reflection on existing scientific knowledge on the subject, on the analysis of the guidelines present in policies and evaluation processes, and on the professional experience of the author, to answer the questions “What?; How?; With whom?; And then?” as possible guiding questions for school self-evaluation.

Evaluation; Institutional Self-evaluation School; School Management

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