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Virtual classroom and modern Social Acceleration in the Covid-19 context


This investigation seeks to answer the following question: did the virtual classroom and its implications stimulate thickening of experiences and episodes of action, to impact on the personal organization of time, from the perceptions of Brazilian teachers and students from a private educational network? Based on the Social Acceleration theory and through an unpublished Survey, with validity and reliability records, the research aims to indicate the perceptions of 32,326 students and 6,423 teachers from 5th grade of Elementary School to 3rd grade of High School in 25 Brazilian states and in the Federal District about the personal organization of time in the context of the virtual classroom during the Covid-19 pandemic. Categorized as a research framed by educational experimentation, it indicated that participants did not densify action episodes – therefore, they had no difficulties about organizing time in the pandemic school context – and showed some evidence that school time is different from time out of school.

Social Acceleration; Survey; Covid-19 Experimental Study; School Time

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