Teacher education: is it beating its head on a brick wall?

Formação de professores qualificados: enxugando gelo?

Formación de profesores cualificados: ¿acción inútil?

Bruno Teles Nunes About the author


Brazilian basic education still lacks qualified teachers. The Brazilian Open University System (UAB) is a branch of a public educational policy designed to address that problem. This quantitative/descriptive paper analyses UAB System statistics (2006 to June 2015), specifically regarding vacancies, enrolment and the number of students that graduate. It was revealed that 68.3% of all vacancies were allocated to teacher education courses, and within that sphere 67.5% were degree courses for basic education teachers and 32.4%, complementary courses. The enrolment percentage was around 86%, while the proportion of students graduating was around 61%. Analysis of the figures suggests that the UAB sought to achieve its main goal, as a public policy that induces teacher education for Brazilian basic education teaching staff. However, it is conjectured that problems related to the teaching profession itself discourage students from joining and from finalizing their courses, thereby weakening the potential performance of the UAB System.

Education policy; Teacher education; Brazilian Open University System (UAB

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