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Education or barbarism. Thinking about pedagogy beyond survival bricolage


This essay takes as its starting point two linked observations: currently there is no contemporary pedagogy; and we are witnessing a return of barbarism and new forms of barbarism. To understand this situation and to envisage a way forward, the article develops three analyses. First: there is no contemporary pedagogy, but, after all, what is a pedagogy and what are we currently lacking? Second: there is no contemporary pedagogy, but there are new discourses on Education: on the quality of Education, on the brain, on cyberculture, on transhumanism. Third, we must reintroduce the human being to the center of pedagogical reflection, but which human being? From a scientific point of view, what is a human being? Drawing on paleoanthropology, the author answers: Man is an adventure and, therefore, Education is an absolute anthropological right.

Education; Barbarism; Anthropology; Contemporary pedagogy; Discourses on Education

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