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Education during and after the pandemics

Educação durante e depois da pandemia

Educación durante y después de la pandemia


Education in the pandemic time often received an improvised and non-realistic treatment. This is a major reason for planning now the post-pandemic period. According to the literature and document analysis, social, international and intra-national fractures, detected by current theories, were largely exposed. Besides Covid-19, other crises developed, such as impoverishment and violence. In general, the population has had losses; however, the least privileged have been subject to a greater burden. Countries cannot repeat past mistakes or try to restore Education as it was before, since the circumstances are different. Furthermore, in addition to the learning deficit, it is urgent to recover Education in its multiple ends and goals. Therefore, it is important to support educators, students and families, with a specific focus on the underprivileged, counting on the participation of the social forces of community and society.

Education Inequalities; Pandemic; Health and Education; Human Personal Development; Family

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