The impact of graduate training on teachers and schools – two case studies: graduate teachers’ perceptions1 1 Research Project financed by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) through doctoral research Grant (SFRH/ BD/ 87243/ 2012).

O impacto da formação pós-graduada nos professores e nas escolas – dois estudos de caso: as perceções dos professores pós-graduados

El impacto de la formación de postgrado en profesores y escuela – dos estudios de caso: percepciones de profesores postgraduados

Ana Rita Faria Pedro Guilherme Rocha dos Reis Maria Helena Peralta About the authors


The main goal of this study is to research the impact of enrolment in Graduate Programmes (GPs) on a set of Basic Education2 and High School3 teachers in Portugal. We seek to understand whether teachers consider this training as an added value, and the extent to which this is reflected in the improvement of their professional performance, in the schools, and in their students’ learning. Preliminary research results show, among other aspects, that the reasons why teachers enrol in GPs are associated mainly with personal fulfilment issues. Moreover, despite the fact that both teachers and school leaders recognize the importance of GPs, they acknowledge that there are still few effects.

Graduate training; Teachers; Impact assessment; Curriculum

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