Teachers theories on art evaluation

Suzana Maria Ortiz dos Santos About the author

The major goal of this text is to present a study on "Teachers Theories on Art Evaluation in order to fathom how an art professor appraises his 5th primary school students and his concernments on evaluation. This study was based on a qualitative focus exploratory non-experimental pattern. Through interviewing teachers, it was possible to know how an art teacher could understand and theorize on arts valuation. The main purpose was to challenge an unknown area which has been seldom reviewed and examined: Psychology, Arts and Didactic, in order to connect the convergence point among psychologic, artistic and didactic. Public schools from Rio de Janeiro were chosen to be worked out. According to the declarations in this research, it were possible to reach some conclusions: the evidences report that valuing in Arts consists attributing a value's judgment to an reality; through this process a reflexive action is action is sought, "valuing" according to the diagnostic and formative valuation proposal, the teachers Knowledge is to be considered a laic understanding and also as personal pedagogic theories (implicits theories) - those not often perceived - however they are really important for organization the professor's knowledge.

Teachers reflections; Art valuation; Implicits theories; Comprehend; Value's judgement; Reflexive action; Laic Knowledge; Psychology; Arts; Didactic

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