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Pedagogical conditions for the formation of senior preschool children’s foreign language competence* * The research was financed within the framework of the competition of intramural research projects “Small Grant of the State University of Humanities and Technology”.

Condições pedagógicas para a formação da competência em línguas estrangeiras de crianças em idade prévia

Condiciones pedagógicas para la formación de la competencia en idiomas extranjeros para niños en edad preescolar


The aim of the research is to identify, theoretically substantiate and empirically study the pedagogical conditions for the formation of senior preschoolers’ foreign language competence. The methods consist in authorial diagnostic procedures aimed at studying the interaction participants’ foreign language competence. The research identified the specifics of the interaction between subjects of preschool education. The authors revealed the influence of parents’ participation on the foreign language competence, motivation, attitude, and openness to learn foreign languages as well as preschoolers’ psychological anxiety toward the perception of foreign speech. The authors expanded the ideas on forming preschool children’s foreign language competence in pedagogical theory and practice and on the realization of the opportunities of interaction participants based on the social-pedagogical partnership, which allows improving joint activities between modern preschool organizations and families.

Competence building approach; Senior preschoolers’ foreign language competence; Early foreign language learning; Interaction between preschool teachers and family members

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