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Limits and possibilities of an educational action in the reduction of the vulnerability to violence and homophobia

This article aims to analyze limits and possibilities of an educational action towards minimizing violence and homophobia. This action has been sponsored by the Health Ministry Program "Brasil Sem Homofobia", supported by the Education Ministry. The target of this research was to understand what teachers have realized as difficulties and problems, related to sexuality and homophobia, what has motivated them to strive for a qualification in the course and what kinds of results this formation has produced in their school activities. The methodology used was focused on groups of discussion and interviews with teachers who had enrolled, as students, in the course "Educando para a Diversidade". The main results show a strong moral panic related to the contamination and to the encouragement of a non-hegemonic sexuality, this situation end up putting, even those who have taken the course, in a vulnerable position, to face the school, profession colleagues and family.

Public policy; Vulnerability; Gender; Homophobia

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