Notes for the reconstruction of the notion of equity underlying the Paic design

Naira Muylaert Alicia Maria Catalano de Bonamino Maria Océlia Mota About the authors


This article aims to analyze the design of the Prêmio Escola Nota Dez, a school award that is part of the incentive system of the Programa Aprendizagem na Idade Certa (Learning at the Right Age Program, Paic by its acronym in Portuguese) of the State of Ceará in the light of Rawls and Dubet’s concepts of equity and the concepts of school justice formulated by Crahay and Dubet. To this end, documents referring to the Paic are analyzed in order to explain how these concepts operate in the formulation of the award. In the light of these authors, the article analyzes the sui generis form of how the award combines principles of meritocracy and equity, within the scope of a policy that, like Paic, improves the performance results of students in Portuguese and Mathematics, at the same time that manages to reduce educational inequalities within and between schools in the same educational system.

Prêmio Escola Nota Dez; Justice as Equity; Meritocracy

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