Marcus Venícius Juliano de Souza Valter Assis Dantas J. Rufino de Freitas Filho Maria Angela Vasconcelos de Almeida About the authors

This work presents results of a didactic-pedagogical experience in a public school that used the model of Education for Research/Search through the methodology of the study situation of excellent study the pupils. It had as objective to identify the potentiality of study situations for the process of teaching and learning of Sciences, in special of the Physics, see if this methodology promotes interdisciplinary activities and is able to motivate the students. The research was carried through in the Centro of Experimental Ginásio Pernambucano, located in Recife/PE, from February of 2004, in the 1st grade of high school. The stages of development of the work had been carried in two phases as follows: I - survey of the previous conceptions of the students became, using as instrument, a questionnaire; II - lessons to discipline, that it used demonstrations, and experimental activities in laboratory. The study situation favored the construction and the experience of the proposal contextualized in the environment (visits), classroom and laboratory. In Beyond favoring a bigger joint with them you discipline chemistry and biology of the resume of the school and to motivate the students for the study of Sciences, in special the Physics. We can suggest that the methodology of the study situations presents advances for the process of teach-learning of Sciences and the Physics.

Education for research; study situation; physical concepts

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