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Psychiatric comorbidities in abstinent drug addict in a protected environment

Adriana Raquel Binsfeld Hess Rosa Maria Martins de Almeida André Luiz Moraes About the authors

The objective of this research was to determine the frequency of psychiatric comorbidity, using Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview, in different groups of former drug addicts, classified according to the type of drug used: (1) control group (n = 37), (2) ex-users of alcohol only (n = 8), (3) former users of alcohol, marijuana and crack /cocaine (n = 24), and (4) ex-poly drug users (n = 25), in other words, individuals who use various types of drugs without a clear drug of choice. Participants comprised 94 men, mean age 30.41 years (SD = 9.88). The withdrawal period varied between 30 and 240 days. Most participants had little schooling and were single. The results showed a higher incidence of psychopathology and suicide risk in the groups formed by patients with a history of multiple substance use, suggesting the importance of evaluation of other disorders associated with addiction.

drugs; comorbidity; psychiatric disorders; male population

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