Antecedents of the employee confidence in the organization

Rosimeire Luíza Batista Áurea de Fátima Oliveira About the authors

The study of employee confidence in the organization contributes to understanding the entailment formation with the employing organization. Therefore, this study shows the results of an investigation about a theorical model that includes the following preditors variables: perception of organizational support, affects and resilience, with respect to the employee confidence in the organization. The sample consisted of 160 employees who answered to the valid and reliable instruments. For data analysis we used descriptive statistics, reliability calculation of the measurements and stepwise regression analysis. The results indicated that the main predictor of employee confidence is the perception of organizational support which explained the highest percentage of variance in the criterion variables. Affection was eliminated from all models, while resilience explains a small percentage of confidence in ethical standards. These results are discussed from the perspective of the literature and a research agenda is proposed.

employee confidence in the organization; perception of organizational support; positive affect; negative affect; resilience

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