Body image dissatisfaction and aesthetic exercise in adolescents: are they related?

Insatisfação com a imagem corporal e exercício estético em adolescentes: eles estão relacionados?

Insatisfacción con la imagen del cuerpo y el ejercicio estético en adolescentes: ¿están relacionados?

Maria Fernanda Laus Telma Maria Braga Costa Sebastião Sousa Almeida About the authors

This study investigated if boys and girls who practice exercises with aesthetic propose report higher levels of body dissatisfaction compared to their inactive peers. A total of 199 adolescents (89 boys), mean age 16.1 years, completed measures of body dissatisfaction and psychological commitment to exercise. Results demonstrated that active boys presented lower dissatisfaction than their inactive peers; and active girls were significantly more dissatisfied than inactive ones. Active boys were more satisfied than active girls. The majority of active girls reported a desire for a slimmer silhouette; while active boys were equally divided between those who desired a heavier silhouette and those who were satisfied. Psychological commitment to exercise did not differ between satisfied and dissatisfied active adolescents. Thus, girls who practice aesthetic exercises must be looked at as a high risk population to the development of health harmful behaviors and eating disorders.

body image; perception; exercise; esthetics; adolescent

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