Group complementary and integrative practices and their insertion within basic attention health services

Maria Valquíria Nogueira do Nascimento Isabel Fernandes de Oliveira About the authors


The present study aims to discuss the insertion of Group Complementary and Integrative Practices within basic attention health services. For this purpose, six interviews and two chat sessions were performed, comprehending the participation of 57 male and female workers, performing integrative and complementary practices. From the 66 basic attention equipment contacted, 37 performed some collective complementary and integrative actions, with 15 modes of different group CIPs, such as: relaxation, meditation and yoga, tai chi chuan groups, caretakers for Alzheimer, tale tent, women chat group, embroiders` group, senior people group, walking group, therapy and arts group, storytelling groups, community therapy and theatre of the oppressed. The group PIC's favour more complex approaches concerning the health-disease process and open the explaining field for other distinct paradigms in biomedicine.

complementary and integrative practices; group; health services

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