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The concept of coping: a theoretical review

Adriane Scomazzon Antoniazzi Débora Dalbosco Dell'Aglio Denise Ruschel Bandeira About the authors

The concept of coping has been described as the set of strategies utilized by individuals in order to adapt themselves to adverse or stressful events. This review presents two process models of coping: one by Folkman and Lazarus, and the other by Rudolfh, Denning and Weisz, as well as their different theoretical and methodological assumptions. The definitions of styles and strategies of coping, their effectiveness and possible relationships to personality traits are discussed. The need for a theory of stress-coping specific for children is emphasized, due to the cognitive changes which occur along their development. Controversial issues about the subject are discussed and the need for research in Brazil about coping is pointed. This procedure would be helpful for the understanding and development of this concept.

Coping; Stress; Coping strategies; Coping styles

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