Effects of children's aggressiveness for the mental suffering of teachers in different moments of career

Rebeca Eugênia Fernandes de Castro Maria Abigail de Souza About the authors

Teachers' psychological distress has been widely studied in the literature, concerning several factors. This paper investigates the impact of children´s aggression in classroom as a source of teachers' distress. Twelve public school teachers from São Paulo city were interviewed - 11 female and 1 male - distributed according to three different stages of the career: initial (1 to 6 years), intermediate (12 to 18 years) and final phase (last 5 years of the career). The interviews were recorded, transcribed and data were categorized considering the simple frequency of occurrence. Data analysis revealed different perceptions of classroom aggression, feelings and management strategies, depending on the phase of the teaching career. From these findings, it was possible to reflect and to present some considerations for outlining preventive interventions.

teachers; psychological distress; career; aggressiveness

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