Autobiographical memory investigation among aged Alzheimer's disease patients in mild and moderate stages

Caroline Araújo Lemos Izabel Hazin Jorge Tarcísio da Rocha Falcão About the authors

This research investigated autobiographical memory (AM) in elderly individuals having Alzheimer's disease (AD) in mild and moderate stages. 44 aged persons participated in this research, divided in three sub-samples: AD in mild stage (n = 15), AD in moderate stage (n = 15) and subjects without morbid indication of AD (control group). A short version of Autobiographical Memory Test (AMT) and Autobiographical Memory Questionnaire were used for memory evaluation. Data showed significant differences between AD (mild and moderate) and Control groups, the former being able to recall a greater number of specific memories, along with elevated emotional intensity in phenomenal qualities of these memories, when compared to the other two AD groups. These findings allow the main conclusion that changes in autobiographic memory among AD patients can be observed since early stages of this disease, in terms of both capacity of recalling and emotional quality of remembered content.

Alzheimer's Disease; autobiographical memory; autobiographical memory test; autobiographical memory questionnaire

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