High performance management, challenging environment and personality

Seille Cristine Garcia-Santos Blanca Susana Guevara Werlang About the authors

This paper presents results of a study on aspects of personality matching top management performance and, consequently, predictors of success in this area of professional practice. We studied 43 managers considered high performance in their evaluations by their superiors and peers, in large brazilian companies. Have focused on aspects of personality related to capabilities: analysis, planning, initiative, interpersonal relationships and human integration. The results revealed that these managers are productive and active, able to analyze, plan and take initiative, highlighting the high ability to perceive relations between them, articulate them in an organized and efficient in solving problems even in adverse; demonstrate ability to work cooperatively in teams, and 50% of the sample has good interpersonal relationship. The combination of these capabilities in challenging context seems to characterize the contemporary high-performance management.

manager; high-performance; personality; Rorschach

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