Breast cancer diagnosis' psychological impact: a study since patients' reports in a support group

Natália Nogueira Teixeira de Menezes Vera Lucia Schulz Rodrigo Sanches Peres About the authors

This study aimed to analyze breast cancer diagnosis' psychological impact since reports spontaneously presented during sessions of a support group for women diagnosed with this disease. Using the saturation criterion, 18 sessions of the referred support group were selected, in which, in total, 93 women participated. The collected data were submitted to a qualitative appreciation by a thematic analysis of content. The obtained results show that breast cancer diagnosis caused, among an expressive number of participants, an important psychological impact, once unchained surprise and tension experiences, stimulated acceptance and force demonstrations, motivated explanation attempts, redefined relationships and intensified religiosity. The comprehension of each one of those processes, in their positive and negative dimensions, supplies useful elements for the improvement of psychological services offered to this population.

psycho-oncology; breast cancer; group processes

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