Images in the research into teachers: verbal and the photograph

The proposal of this text is to think oral and the photograph as instruments, but also as devices that give voice and images for the readings of realities and, more specifically to the inquiry in the territory of social sciences. Our place of speaks is of social sciences where, our more specific envolvement in the field of the research is of the education. We have worked with a interinstitucional project and to transdisciplinar, because being of different and unknown places, also and, mainly, we learn very of these and with these. The experience of inquiry in net is, one of the great learnings that we have fact, in the perspective of better understanding that we are calling imaginary professors. Our boarding of inquiry/formation with professors privileges the work of the memory, capable to reconstruct images and subjetivities of subjetivação, resignifying the trajectories of personal and professional life.

Imagines; oral history; fotographycs; memories; professors

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