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Contemporary youths, daily life and restlessness of researchers in Education - an interview with José Machado Pais


José Machado Pais is a professor at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS) of the University of Lisbon (ULisboa). Dr. Pais has been dedicated to the teaching and mentoring of doctoral students and he is a Visiting Professor at ISCTE / Lisbon University Institute. He was a Visiting Professor at several European and South American universities. He has led international European projects in various fields of Social Sciences. He coordinated the Permanent Observatory of Portuguese Youth and the Observatory of Cultural Activities. In this interview, granted to the teachers Miriam and Victor, Professor Pais discusses important issues to the research field in the youth area and he offers clues to the methodological options in the daily life record field. He says that the look can be a good tool for deciphering the code experienced in everyday life, where “everything goes on without feeling anything going on.” José Machado Pais points out that the youth transitions to adulthood are still marked by unpredictability. He emphasizes the need to explore everyday life as an imaginary field of production, creativity.

youths; Sociology of Everyday Life; Education.

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