Paulo Freire in teacher training: contributions to the development of critical-reflexive practices

Ana Lúcia Souza de Freitas Mari Margarete dos Santos Forster About the authors


Paulo Freire is a reference known worldwide. His thought has been guiding the development of emancipatory practices in different areas of work. His theoretical productions represent an important contribution to the development of critical-reflexive teaching practices in the teacher training field. The text shows a teaching/investigation proposal used in a professional Master degree course, as a possibility of a critical-reflexive managers' training. The methodology used is based on Paulo Freire in order to propose training tools that aim to develop procedural and attitudinal contents such as: reflection, records, observation and listening. The experience documentation of the three editions of the subject called Basic Teaching Management, was carried out by research diaries and other ways of reflexive records developed by the graduate students. The first analysis of the material produced in this experience has contributed to the investigation about school management, bringing another meaning for teaching itself. The same way, it has helped to comprehend Paulo Freires' contribution to the development of critical-reflexive teaching practice in the teaching and school management scope.

Paulo Freire; teacher training; school management; critical-reflexive teaching practices

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