Teaching-learning correlation at the university: aspects of Freirean Pedagogy in Higher Education

Maria Socorro Lucena Lima Maria Margarete Sampaio de Carvalho Braga About the authors


This article explores some aspects of dialogical practices in the education of university professors. It seeks to contribute to the debate on teaching practices in Higher Education, understood as a historically-situated concrete fact. This has been done through an analsys of Teaching Internships based on qualitative research and on the works of Lima (2002, 2015), Pimenta (2002, 2006), Ghedin (2010), Freitas (2016) and Paulo Freire's Pedagogy. Recognizing both the contradictions inherent to political contexts and their influence on the day-to-day education of teachers indicates research as a formative principle and as an understanding act capable of intermediating approaches and considerations towards the realities of university classrooms experience. Thus, research was aimed at understanding and realizing actions and relationships that are truly educational.

teaching-learning correlation; University Teaching Internships; Freirean Pedagogy

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