Intercultural education, genre and social movements in Brazil

How had been built, in Brazil, the social processes of assurance of equality rights and for the right of difference in relation to ethnic, genre and intergeneration relationship, as well in the fields of ecology and of associative organizations? This tension between equality and difference, unity and plurality consists the central problematic related to the development of scientific and social cooperation webs, which potentiality increases with the Projeto Rizoma. This project is constituted in the area of South Plan of Research and Post-graduation (financed by CNPq and Funcitec in 2001-2003), and had been developed in a polissemic way by four Research core. The Projeto Rizoma, whose activities culminated in the realization of a international conference, focuses the multidimensional characteristic of the interaction complex among people of different cultural identities. This project also tries to develop conceptions and proposals that help to face up to social conflicts, and address the overcoming of social and cultural strategies that create discrimination, exclusion or subjecting, that can be seen manifested in the recent globalization, in the relationship among nations, among ethnical groups, among social classes, among generations, among religions, among social movements, and, in a particular way, in the intercultural relations of genre. The research and debates already developed, shown news epistemological perspectives that perceives the comprehension of hybridism and ambivalence, in other words, the inner contexts that constitutes the identity field, subjective an collective ones, in intercultural relations and processes.

intercultural education; genre; social movement; economic solidarity; identity; difference; mediations

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