For an aesthetic education in professor training

One becomes a professor by constructing oneself as a professor. If we consider professor training as an indefinite and unfinished continuum, not as the obtention of diplomas or Licenciatura (teacher credential), the question that arises concerns the possibility of an aesthetic education in universities. This research is grounded in a theoretical dialog, where specialists of Aesthetic Education interviewed by the author consider professor training as a (permanent) process of discovery and rupture. Completely interwoven with the subjectivity of the trained professor, this process delineates a particular teaching, in which each subject makes their own history. The author discusses an aesthetic education proposal for the graduate training of professors that comprehends that aesthetic experiments can promote subjective rearrangements in the students and instigate them to think of themselves and develop as subjects - and owners of their own practice -, not as consumers of ready-made ways-of-being.

Aesthetic education; Art; University; Teacher training

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