Trivialization of academic fraud: Reflections in the light of the theory of Adorno's semiculture

Carolina Machado Saraiva de Albuquerque Maranhão Flávia Carolini Pereira dos Santos Pamella Thais Magalhães Ferreira About the authors


The trivialization of fraud in the academic environment imposes severe problems to the training of individuals. This study used the critical theory related to education. Adorno analyzed the erudition problem in the capitalist society, in which education has become a commodity to be delivered to its customers. The aim of this paper is to propose a critical reflection of the real meanings of the persistence of fraud in universities. Therefore, the academic fraud stands as an evidence that something is wrong with the education provided by universities. Only a pedagogical change can transform the way that education is embedded in capitalist society. The rescue of the emancipatory potential of education is essential for society to form critical and self-employed people.

Academic fraud; Semiculture; Adorno; Education

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