The university teacher as a good citizen: in search of quality in higher education

This paper extends previous research in the field of citizenship behaviors of university teachers (CBUT). It aims at showing how four dimensions of CBUT (participatory behavior, practical orientation, conscientiousness and courtesy) explain: a) the professional motivation and self-confidence of students; b) the way students evaluate teachers' performance. Previous data obtained from students and teachers samples are retaken, and a sample of graduates is added. The whole sample comprises 249 students (who described the behaviors of an actual teacher of their choice) plus 123 teachers and 209 graduates (who were invited to report the behaviors of a former teacher). The main findings are the following: a) students, teachers and graduates consider that the four behaviors of their (actual or former) teachers influenced significantly their own professional motivation and self-confidence; b) the three types of participants in the study attribute a high value to the four CBUT when evaluating the performance of their (actual or former) teachers. The consistency of these findings suggests that the CBUT can be an important source of quality in higher education, namely as for as the teaching-learning process is concerned.

Quality in higher education; Citizenship behaviors of university teachers; Self-confidence; Professional motivation

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