Technique, body and reification: work notes about this theme by Theodor W. Adorno

This paper brings some work notes on the topic of technique by Theodor W. Adorno. The essay Education after Auschwitz and some of the aphorisms in Minima moralia are taken as main sources, and also as part of an investigation plan. Adorno's criticism of technique appears in several parts of his work. In our reflection, we have prioritized criticism related to the body and the production of conscience, as they are elements which have different combinations in the researched texts, but a common goal in the criticism of the administered world and the destiny of subjectivity. Our results show that, in Adorno's reflections, the deep process of human brutalization and the suppression of any particularity traits are closely related to the growing technification process, which engenders a certain gesture and body pedagogy. It's suggested, in that sense, that the most refined techniques do not necessarily increase human possibilities. On the contrary, they may lead to body slavery through the incorporation of technifying reification processes.

Technique; Reification; Body; Critical theory; Theodor W. Adorno

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