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Federalism and educational policies in Brazil: equalization and performance of the business sectors as competing projects for the regulation of collaboration

This article examines intergovernmental relations, the concept of equalization (peculiar to a federalism of a cooperative matrix) and its relations with collaboration regulations, as well as the recent contours being shaped by the actions and propositions for collaborative partnerships regarding education in Brazil. The analytical path indicates that there is - besides the permanence of the strong inductor power of the federal government in defining the forms of collaboration for education and the relationship that this federal entity directly establishes with the municipalities, disregarding the states - significant growth in the role of the private sector, along with the federal government, in attempting to seek other forms of regulations for collaboration, being the arrangements for the development of education the most expressive one.

Federalism in Brazil; Educational policies; Intergovernmental relations and equalization; Collaborative partnerships; Arrangements for the development of education

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