Opposition concerning the definition of the teachers formation for the multidisciplinary acting in the early years of elementary school. Is it respect to citizenship or dispute of power?

The article shows the modern opposition between the official world and the real world related with the policies of teachers formation for basic education, especially for the policies of teachers formation for the initial grades of elementary school. In this article there's a search for alternatives concerning the question: Do these oppositions express respect to citizenship or constitute dispute of power?This same search required na incursion through policies history, of the institutions and of the courses that in the standard pattern, it's been forming teachers to act multidisciplinary in elementary school in our country.Concurrently, it was necessary a foundation in theoretical support that treat the power relationship present in society and in Brazilian schools, which live with the existence of two well defined worlds: the world of the system and another one that's really lived. Such dichotomy is proper from modern societies, and pressupose an interaction game between these worlds, consisting of a powerful and dynamic struggle between the coaction of the political society and the active resistence of the civilian society.

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