Pre-school education and the National Plan for Education: the 2010 CONAE´S proposals

This paper highlights some aspects regarding the supply of pre-school education in Brazil, these last 10 years, bearing in mind the goals of the 2001 National Plan for Education (PNE). After the period characterized by the implementation of policies aimed at integrating creches (daycare center) and pre-schools into the teaching systems, in line with the legal goals proposed after the National Education Law of Guidelines and Basis (LDBEN, 1996), we have perceived permanencies, redefinitions and tensions. The elements to draw up the new PNE, deliberated within the Conference on National Education (CONAE), last April, resize the goals for this stage of basic education, with a more general purpose of establishing bases for a new federative pact aimed at the development of a National System of Education. We wonder if the goals suggested by the CONAE for the education of little children consider the tendencies of access coverage observed these last 10 years and if they promote investments in the perspective of the legal goals that have been developed these last two decades.

Pre-school education; Creches; National Plan for Education; CONAE

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